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Twisting the Aces



SOLO is a brand new system that makes adding music & SFX cues to your show easy & stress free.

Utilising the latest RFID technology you, your props & your environment become the triggers that control your show. This allows for unlimited creative freedom. And get this, no more fixed playlists or remote controls.

Imagine picking up a prop & the specific music track you want plays at exactly the right moment. Now imagine that those moments could happen when you gesture with your arms or place a glass of water on a table!

That’s the power of SOLO. And there’s so much more…

Weighing just 40g & smaller than a pack of cards, SOLO is your secret weapon.
Hidden inside a card box, under a table or inside a jacket pocket – it’s always ready.

SOLO gives you the ability to change your act on the fly with your cues updating live – this is a world’s first!

When a cue is triggered you’ll get instant visual & haptic feedback from SOLO, even if there’s a timed delay, giving you maximum confidence and never before show precision using the SOLOstudio app.

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