From the repertoire of Jonathan Levit comes his audience tested routine. He has used this routine as a staple in his act, for close-up and stage settings, as well as on television.

“Sanitized for Your Deception should have been called Perfected for Your Performance. It’s all there, the magic, the comedy, the situation: a brilliant routine direct from Jonathan’s professional act. This practical little jewel is a great opportunity for any working magician.” — Jim Steinmeyer

“This piece is that rare thing — a stand-up trick that can be successfully performed for a group of twelve or twelve hundred, and delivers many minutes of entertainment capped by a deeply baffling event.” — David Regal

“Jonathan gives you all the work on his feature routine. I have seen this piece live and on television… In the right hands this is a thoroughly entertaining and amazing piece of magic.” — Jeff Mcbride

“A modern presentational premise, funny audience participation, and the opportunity to kiss a spectator through a pane of glass. Plus wetnaps. What more could you ask for?” — Max Maven